A Walk With Us

The next generation of Indian start-ups will be global game changers

iii Consulting is a startup studio founded in 2015, supporting exceptional entrepreneurs with capital and consulting services. We are industry agnostic, always on the lookout for people who challenge the status quo. We offer our partners - a unique blend of capital and consulting services. We collaborate with passionate founders having disruptive ideas, to help them in their start-up journey. 


Business Principles


A clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or the ability to have such an understanding is what we look in our founders.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.


The process of being mentally stimulated to execute the idea in a creative way.


Founder's Philosophy

Indians have always been entrepreneurial in nature. The Indian subcontinent was known for its commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history. Its time, we bring that glory back! Startups in India will see substantial growth over the next decade and many of them will turn into world-class organisations. Our philosophy is to collaborate with the founders at an early stage and stick with them until the idea reaches its fruition. The emphasis is on 'collaboration'. We are like an invisible co-founder who is present throughout the journey while the founder(s) take the centre stage.

Anand Nagloor MD.jpg

Anand Nagloor,

Managing Director

iii Labs

We thoroughly research the market and generate ideas, define the business models and make sure to work on every step to build a new start-up. iii labs is a platform that provides an opportunity to bold, ambitious, collaborative founders and help them bring these ideas to life, thereby contributing indefinitely to the Indian startup ecosystem.