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Our Footprint

We learn and adapt according to our partner's needs

We want our founders to dream and achieve big with our growing network and resources to convert ideas into Businesses. Our Portfolios have access to great investing partners and industry leaders who are always ready to help with their mentorship. We are responsible enough to provide our services in addition to the financial support, to add great value to the business idea to be successful. We have experts with significant knowledge in various fields who advice what exactly works out for our portfolios hence building enduring businesses.

Currently, we have startups under our portfolio in the following areas.


Our Portfolio


We solve complex business problems and bring a simple solution which empowers the businesses to impact the lives of the people positively. We are specialized in Technology and our competency is derived from the same. We currently have the following portfolio under our umbrella and counting.

250X250-07 (1).png



Payzello is India’s first data-driven challenger banking platform. Rolled out in partnership with Yes Bank and Rupay, we aim to change the way next 300 millennial's in India experience banking. Unlike traditional banks, at Payzello we promise 100% digital banking, which begins with a 30 sec bank account creation on our app. And move on to provide a full-fledged banking experience - A single card for debit and Credit. Automated goals management on savings, expense tracking, and financial planning. 




Pruthiraj Rath

Founder & CEO


Udit Prasad Mishra

Co-Founder & CTO



Actigage was started with the goal of bringing a new level of user engagement to audiences through the Internet of Things (IoT). They strive to build SaaS products based on a self-service model to allow any organisation or company to actively engage with their audiences.



Gautam Prabhu.jpg

Gautam Prabhu

Founder & MD


Third Wave


Taking a step sideways from traditional coffee culture - Third Wave Coffee Roasters offers coffee lovers the opportunity to experience a diverse range of nuances extracted from our carefully roasted single origin specialty beans. This craft, coupled with science is unified through the commitment to meticulously monitor consistency in every batch we roast at Third Wave's roastery in Bangalore.




Anirudh Sharma


Our_Story (1)_edited.png

Ayush Bathwal




GOODVICE is a fitness tech company that empowers customers to enjoy fitness on the go at the gym and fitness centres of their choice without committing to long-term memberships. GOODVICE caters to the growing breed of gym-floaters by offering a solution to activate, reactivate and sustain customers on their fitness journey. One can simply explore any gym workout, yoga, zumba, pilates, spinning, swimming, and much more in your city.




Sameer Tirani



Anil Prasher



Orxa Energies


Orxa Energies make high-performance, high-powered, aesthetically appealing Electric Vehicles with the associated charging ecosystem. These high-powered bikes & trikes will address the range anxiety and charging issues associated with EVs, with performance comparable to petrol bikes in 250-500 cc range.


Prajwal S.jpg

Prajwal Sabnis

Founder & CEO

Ranjita Ravi.jpg

Ranjita Ravi



4R Recycle


4R Recycle is committed to keep the environment safe while executing the mission of recycling e-waste and contributing to the economy with enhanced re-use, and high quality recycled products. To be fully compliant with all environmental rules and regulations as applicable to e-waste recycling. To keep its customers fully aware of the recycling efforts undertaken by it and invest in systems and processes to track and provide traceability of disposal to its customers.



N. Ram Ramnathan.jpg

N.Ram Ramnathan


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