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Turning Ideas Into Outstanding Businesses


iii Consulting is a start-up studio which provides capital and consulting services to incubate start-ups with exceptional ideas. We support startups during their early stages and help them overcome the hurdles to become remarkable companies.

Our Services


We work with passionate and talented entrepreneurs from an early stage throughout their journey of building a successful company. We work closely with the founders and understand the needs of each of our start-ups. We provide a wide range of customised services depending on the requirements in a cost-effective and smart way.



We partner with some of the best founders and entrepreneurs in India to build exceptional portfolios and support them from their early stage throughout the journey to become market-leading companies. We back world-class entrepreneurs before their success is known to others. 

Experience banking like never before. Challenging the very definition of banking, Payzello is India’s first Neo banking service with amazing benefits. 


Energize your events with actigage, mobile event app Platform with live engagement features that encourage your attendees to take action.


Dedicated to bringing the best of freshly roasted specialty coffee at your door step. Born from a genuine need of improving the quality of coffee experiences in India.  


Smart electric bike with advanced UI to unite the rider with the machine. Mantis is India's 1st fully-electric entrant in premium motorbike market.


Enjoy fitness without commitments or long-term memberships. Gain multiple benefits with our one GV pass.


Recycling electronic waste into a new product. E-waste includes used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal.





We have been working with Anand and iii Consulting since Nov 2017. We sincerely appreciate the insights that Anand brings to the table. We value his perceptiveness and quick decision making – always appreciated for a rapidly growing start-up.



Prajwal Sabnis

Founder & CEO, orxa energies


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